Encaustic painter Leslie Stoner grew up in Northwest Montana on a farm tucked deep in the woods of the Rocky Mountains. She currently resides on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest and her imagery is a semblance of both environments. She paints with Encaustic, which allows her to slow down her thoughts and reflect inward. As she works, the image evolves in layers according to the chances of the materials and the season of her emotions. Because the medium is organic, layered, and hard to predict, when painting she plays at the intersection of risk and promise. 

Leslie's materials come from nature-beeswax, pigment, oil, and tree resin. Her tools are purposeful: the razor blade, the spatula, and hogs hair bristle brushes. Fire is the element that merges them. The paintings are about human emotions, fears, anxieties, self doubt and how we embrace them. The imagery is rooted in abstracted nature, spaces reflecting what lies beneath and what floats above, with an emphasis on where the two meet. Leslie believes that everything beautiful has some darkness. What she paints is a reflection of her struggles to find inner peace with the dark and the light.